About Me

I was born in Cheshire, England and studied @ Stockport College of Art, following which I spent an informative period In an Advertsing Agency. Eventually working as a free-lance Artist gaining an International reputation as a Figurative & Fashion Artist.


From a young age, always my companion was my imagination & drawing was my tool,   alone with my pen & pencils I could escape my surroundings into my own world.


After many years experimenting and using most mediums, watercolour initially, graduating into oils and now mixed media allows me to work freely & with an invention of tecniques amidst careful involvment & growing excitment. Within this partnership of creation I want my paintings to have a spontaneous look, sometimes achieved quickly mostly 'tho with great exasperation perhaps returning to a piece after a long period of time. 


My working world is neccessarily a solitary one, shared with only my Dogs & Cats. 

After a morning planning sketching & sourcing materials the moment arrives when I am drawn to my project, to allow the canvas & colours to open up to my minds picture.


I work cautiously @ first, then gaining momentum hands flying & shaping around the canvas, finding a balance a form, eventually when all is evolving, I begin to work on another level of intuition, I am now trusting to my inspiration & experiencee, through memory & emotions, creating textures & multiple layers trying to escape the banal, the expected, I stand back, more needed, not right, continue---

This is my joy & pain of painting.


My work has evolved from the representational, through Impressionism to presently tapping new areas of exploration whereby crteating a story or emotion, in some cases without an observational subject or viewpoint.


I am now living in glorious Herefordshire & give thanks for the abundance of this beauteous Planet


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