S.A.A. ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2017 awarded Best Proffessional ABSTACT or EXPERIMENTAL. SOCIETY of MARINE ARTISTS 2017 shortlist, awaiting final judgement.


Thank you for viewing my web-site, the following pages contain a smaill selection of my work, my most recent paintings, and an archive section displaying a wide range of previous subjects spanning my many years as a Fine Artist.


My primary inspiration now stems from my unspoilt Herefordshire surroundings and my travels.


I am often inspired by my daily walks with my dog, natural forces in the fields, rocks, stone walls, knarled trees grasping to hold onto the banks by the water; continueing up thepathways to the open windswept, sunshine softened fields. In Summer a mass of waving wildflowers, in Winter an angry,whistling, wildness.


In Spring an insistant burst of life will fall across my world translating to my canvas's a new joy, a fresh, vibrant, fullness.


The organic textures found in these weathered elements create a tension & balance always perfect, revealing a mystery of growth & decay, life & death.


My irregular textured surfaces are achieved with an energy & sense of immediacy trying to commit these impressions to a surface with the application & removal of many layers & materials, careful caligraphic marks may show some indication of place.


Visually I want my work to be intriguing, to invoke an emotion but not a fact, each viewer will have their own personal story, feelings & memories.


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